Discover our Avis roadmap to 2030

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How we are meeting our energy and greenhouse gas emissions targets

Our 2030 roadmap goal is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30% from the base year of 2018.

With 99% of our global emissions linked to our rental vehicles, the move to increasing numbers of hybrid and electric vehicles in our fleet is key to achieving our GHG reduction target.

How Greenhouse Gas emissions are calculated at Avis
Greenhouse gas emissions are calculated based on the scope 1 emissions resulting from the direct activity of a business, in our case our fleet and all that is needed to support our customers on the road from the running of our offices and rental locations to our servicing and maintenance operation. Also included are the scope 2 and 3 emissions which are linked to our operation but outside our direct control such as electricity provision.

The great news is that we are achieving our targets – so far, we have achieved a 17% reduction in our GHG emission since 2018.


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Targets to reduce water consumption

As a provider of global transport solutions, water is a key part of our business for washing and maintaining cars at our locations.

As part of our roadmap to 2030, our goal is reducing our business water consumption in the United States by 30% from 2018, the base year.

Due to high demand for vehicle rental worldwide following the pandemic, our water usage in the USA increased by 12% in 2022, however the level at which we use water, calculated as a ratio of usage in gallons to business revenue, declined.

To offset the overall increase in water consumed in the USA, we are exploring new ways to reduce water consumption through water efficiency practices and technologies.

A man plants trees as part of a corporate carbon offset scheme

Achieving our waste reduction targets

Avis meets waste regulations across all our global operations including recycling or repurposing of car batteries, used oil, windscreens and tyres.

Our aim was to achieve zero levels of waste going to landfill in the United States for all tyres, windscreens, motor oils, and car batteries by 2030 and we are pleased to say we achieved these zero targets in 2022.

Our 2022 recycling scorecard

  • 903,361 gallons of used motor oil recycled or repurposed
  • 357,505 tyres recycled or repurposed
  • 32,834 car batteries recycled
  • 27,840 windscreens repaired
  • 72741 windscreens recycled

Find out more about our roadmap to 2030.

Joseph Ferraro, President and CEO, Avis Budget Group

As a provider of global transportation solutions, we are focused on supporting the transition to a low-carbon future. We continue to strengthen our environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies, make progress on our 2030 targets, and further integrate and execute on our ESG programme. Our executive led ESG Steering Committee and Environmental Subcommittee, comprised of global leaders throughout the company, are integral to supporting and driving our future progress.

Joseph Ferraro
President and CEO