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France car hire

Our France car hire services can be found across the country to facilitate a fast and efficient check-in and drop off wherever and whenever you decide to visit. We have services in all the major airports, as well as offices conveniently located at each of the Eurostar destinations and at the Port of Calais. Whether arriving by air, sea or land, rest assured there will be one of our France hire car services nearby to assist you.

Whether calling on its many historic cities, enjoying a sojourn in the romantic French capital or breezing around the balmy Côte d’Azur, a hire car in France grants guaranteed access to the country’s varied landscapes, rich culture and spectacular sights. With more than 86 million visitors a year, it’s ranked as the world’s most popular destination, and our efficient teams will ensure you join its winding roads and open highways tout suite so you can get on and enjoy it.

Embarking on a one-way journey across France in your hire car? Please let us know your desired destination in advance. Our efficient teams will ensure your rental vehicle drop-off is seamless, wherever you decide to meet us.
Car Hire France with Avis. There's no better way to see France than by car.