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Rent a car in Florida

Our Florida car rental services can be found all across America’s Sunshine State. We have offices located at all the major airports, including Orlando International, Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International and Miami International. In addition, we’re situated in Florida’s glittering cities and within striking distance of its dazzling beaches and untamed swamplands.


With larger-than-life theme parks and an epic range of landscapes veering from the glittering promenades of Miami Beach to the alligator-swarmed Everglades, Florida has something to suit everyone. A driving culture is firmly entrenched in the States, and the country’s excellently maintained highways are by far the best way to get around.


Heading out on a road trip? We offer flexible return options, so you can rent a car at any of our car rental locations in Florida and drop it off at a different office at the end of your trip.

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