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How to charge an electric car

Charging an electric vehicle

How do you charge an electric car or a plug-in hybrid?

Thinking of making the switch from petrol or diesel cars to an electric vehicle, or perhaps thinking of renting an electric vehicle with Avis to try before you buy? One of the most frequently asked questions for drivers before renting or buying an electric car is how do I charge my electric vehicle and how far can I travel in my electric vehicle?

Worries about charging and range anxiety are receding as public charging networks expand, reliable journey planner apps remove the worry of looking for a charge point and improvements to batteries extend the distance an electric vehicle can go.

Charging a Tesla

How to find electric car charging stations

Having information on the location of charging points is key to planning trips and having sufficient autonomy for journeys. Before renting, we recommend that you search in advance for the charge point provider with the densest charging network along your route and at your destination.

Alternatively, you can also quickly search for charging stations with the help of an charging app like Chargemap.